LaFerrari Aperta surfaces at Seven Car Lounge shows 62 miles on odometer

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LaFerrari Aperta

Possessing a LaFerrari Aperta is just awesome. Maranello’s customers who owned LaFerrari Aperta must be regarded highly as they managed to have one of the 210 examples produced. However, there must be a certain group who are still waiting for their turn to have one of the exclusive pieces in their garage. Maybe they haven’t got the chance to get one in the first round. Hence there is no need to get upset. An example of the LaFerrari Aperta had just surfaced for sale.LaFerrari Aperta LaFerrari Aperta LaFerrari Aperta

However, Seven Car Lounge is showcasing one of the LaFerrari Aperta with an open-top. The Seven Car Lounge is situated in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia. In the odometer, the LaFerrari Aperta shows to have traveled only 62 miles. However, with such specification, it can be concluded that the car is absolutely in brand new condition as if coming straight from the factory. The LaFerrari Aperta is based on the fixed-roof hypercar and it does possess some similar features as well. The car gets its power from a 6.2-liter hybrid V12 powertrain delivering 950 horsepower towards the rear wheels. The powertrain is coupled with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Hence, the open cockpit is only available in LaFerrari Aperta version only that stands as the first of the series produced in the middle of 1990s since F50.LaFerrari Aperta LaFerrari Aperta

However, most of the LaFerrari Aperta left Maranello factory in red color. Hence this feature makes the car more unique and desirable. Though the dealer of the LaFerrari Aperta had not yet revealed the asking price of the vehicle but the actual retailed price was more than $6 million. However, the last one that came up for sale was tagged with $7.3 million and €8.3 million ($10 million) was being the price for the last piece that surfaced for auction. Hence, it can be expected that this particular example will also range same.LaFerrari Aperta LaFerrari Aperta LaFerrari Aperta

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