Koenigsegg Regera in matte black will make you question about meaning of “true beauty”

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There are many stunning supercars going around in the market such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren, Porsche and Lamborghini. However, no one can truly match the stunning beauty of Koenigsegg Regera. It is still world’s stunning-looking and fastest hypercar and the attached is evident of that fact. The Regera we are talking about is fitted with an optional “Ghost Package”. It includes parts such as a new front splitter and small winglets on the rear clamshell to increase downforce (by an astonishing 20 percent).

We are unsure who the owner is of this particular Koenigsegg Regera. Nonetheless, owner didn’t opt for any extravagant exterior color and rather opted for matte black. The exterior is well complemented by matte carbon fiber parts, that includes the huge rear wing and diffuser. If one looks at the attached video carefully, they would notice that exhaust isn’t a large oval that exist directly out of rear. Exhaust in this Koenigsegg Regera has been designed in such a manner that it looks like fins of the rear diffuser and made by Akrapovic.

The video of Koenigsegg Regera was shot in Netherlands at the Assen circuit. Apart from Regera, there were several other cars gracing this event. There were other Koenigseggs, McLaren Senna, Pagani Zonda, orange Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, a Porsche Carrera GT, and a 2005 Ford GT. Power in Koenigsegg Regera comes from twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V8 engine supported by three electric motors. Regera gives a combined output of 1,500hp and 1,280 Nm of torque. It famously lacks traditional transmission and, in its place, state-of-the-art Direct Drive is used.

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