Koenigsegg Regara Loaded with Red Carbon looks Mind-blowing

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Koenigsegg Regara

Koenigsegg is the only hypercar company that can proudly say to be the best in hypercar market. But wait, there are other companies too that have been in the same arena. How can we forget Porsche Spyder, Ferrari LaFerrari and the much loved McLaren P1. But since Koenigsegg is not so old, but it certainly made its name in the automobile market. As they say, Koenigsegg Regara can compete with any company that produces Hypercars. One of the best things Koenigsegg does is the staff of the company who come up with their own renderings. 

Koenigsegg Regara

Several people working in Koenigsegg are coming up with their own design of Koenigsegg Regara. Last week, we got the opportunity to see the design of Koenigsegg in Purple designed by Steve who works in the communication department. Another perfect example is Jonah who is from the Sales department who designed this model in Burgundy colour. Whereas, Lisa who works in the art direction centre went for the all black model design. Apart from these experts, Mattias, who works is the prototype expert went for Grey colour.

Koenigsegg Regara

Koenigsegg Regara that is designed by Jonas this week is really something very special. The red coloured Carbon fibre with a hint of Black stripes. Apart from the black stripes you can also see the white stripes too. The specs were the same as the last time, but the interiors are too smart and wonderful. If you have a look at the pictures you are going to see the how wonderful this design looks. 

Koenigsegg Regara Koenigsegg Regara


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