Koenigsegg entry level model to be priced between €600k and €800k

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Koenigsegg Regera KNC

Christian von Koenigsegg has disclosed few details about their upcoming entry level car. In an interview to Road & Track, he said that the car will make its world premiere at next year’s Geneva Motor Show. He added that the entry level car won’t be extreme like their other cars, as it will be road car not tilted towards track car. Even though he dist talk about the specifications but he confirmed that it will be an electric car and will also posses naturally aspirated V8 engine with Freevalve technology.

This technology is not easy to define but it is a camless engine that uses fully variable valve actuation. It will enable the car to generate more power without using more fuel. Just like other Koenigsegg cars, it will be built at Ängelholm. The company is planning to build couple hundred units annually. It may seem limited for many accounting other supercar automakers. However, it is a huge leap for the Swedish brand. Being an entry-level car, it would not be expensive other Koenigseggs supercars. Christian von Koenigsegg said that the car would be priced between €600,000 and €800,000.

Besides discussing about the new model, Christian von said that the company will form a new company. The company will focus towards offering help to other companies for development of new platform, electrical systems and even carbon fiber wheels. He hoped that their innovation might be used for normal cars in coming times. In the interview, he also talked about the partnership with NEVS and explained that company has been working on entry level car for few years now. They decide to partner so that other project won’t get affected.

Source: Road & Track

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