Koenigsegg announces of a stronger and lighter new car

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Koenigsegg surface their two Regeras and one renovated CCX at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. However, we are very much acquainted with these models but never tired of it. Though the press days of Geneva Motor Show are getting wind up but some have started waiting for the next season. Since next year’s Geneva Motor Show will hold something new and extreme from the brand, Koenigsegg.  Hence Christian von Koenigsegg and the company declared of showcasing something new.Koenigsegg Koenigsegg

However, Top Gear has been informed by Koenigsegg that they will bring up a replacement car. Hence the Agera RS will precede the replacement car. Moreover, Koenigsegg went on continuing that the Regera stands as the best normal going road car. Hence the brand identifies the Regera as a GT car kind. However, the replacement of One: 1, Agera and Agera RS will be a race car, not any hyper-GT. Hence it will feature more capability than the usual Agera RS. However, it sounds really good. But we are really not confirming that the new car is going to be the Agera’s another version or not. However, we are totally uncertain whether the new car will be totally a new model or not. But the least we expect is that the new car is already residing in the pipeline.Koenigsegg

However, we do expect that the new car from Koenigsegg will show the same necessary parameters. Hence it is expected to be fitted with the 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 and the identical carbon chassis. Moreover, we can expect to see the detachable roof panel, dihedral doors and sequential gearbox in the new car. However, versions coming before than this new car will be less hardcore and will also have less power. Hence the Agera RS develops 1,341 horsepower whereas the One: 1 takes less than 3 seconds to move 0-62 with top speed being 280 mph. However, Koenigsegg said that they are working on the new project and trying to make it little bit lighter and stronger too.  Hence they also added saying that they showed the car as virtual reality.Koenigsegg

However, the car from Koenigsegg will surface in the real world at the next year Geneva Motor Show. Well, that means we have to wait another year for having a view of the car.Koenigsegg

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