Kermit green LaFerrari owned by Jay Kay’s has all-electric mode

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Recently, lead singer of Jamiroquai, Jay Kay purchased a LaFerrari. It is painted in striking Kermit Green hue. An intriguing video emerged two years ago of a black LaFerrari which was driving in silence at the track day. It was rumored that the model can indeed run only on battery power. Footage now has emerged of the most famous LaFerrari running in this mode. It was filmed in the UK at the Joe Macari dealership.

It shows that Jay Kay is trundling in his Kermit Green hypercar through the parking lot without any sound. It is clearly running on nothing but its electric motor and small battery pack. Last year in March you saw Jay Kay was praising the LaFerrari. Looks like he liked the car a lot that he decided to buy one of the 499 units planned for production. He purchased an attractive Kermit Green rather than opting for the usual black, red or yellow paint schemes. The hue can be noticed inside the cabin also. This all electric mode is only available to choose LaFerrari customers and it is difficult to access.

Apparently Ferrari designed it to allow for easy parking.  But it never publicized its features as its range is extremely limited. It has no matching for the emission free running of 918 Spyder and P1. It seems like green is Jay Kay’s favorite color as he also owns a 30 GT one-off shooting brake with the same finishing by Vignale. This LaFerrari will sit in Jay Kay’s garage just next to the black Enzo which has a green interior. This new Kermit colored Ferrari costs £1 million.

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