Karma SC2 Concept EV makes an impressive debut at LA Auto Show

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Karma Automotive revealed Revero GT at 2019 Auto Shanghai and since then they haven’t talked much about their upcoming model. Now, at 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show, they unveiled SC2 Concept. Karma SC2 Concept is an absolute stunner thanks to long bonnet and short deck that gives it a classic grand touring aesthetics. Upon opening the butterfly doors, we could see a slim two-seat cockpit loaded with latest tech. Karma Automotive stated that SC2 is loaded with HD cameras and lidar sensors that helps in capturing the car digitally. This tech record and then recreates previous real drive scenarios which are replayed when it is parked.

Karma SC2 Concept

Karma SC2 Concept can be considered as driving simulator but the only difference is occupants are playing a digital version of themselves. Karma has been outfitted SC2 Concept with a pair of electric motors that gives a combined output of 1,100 hp to all four wheels. It can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 1.9 seconds but the company claims that it is less than the said time. It has a range of 350 miles. Cornering ability is enhanced by the inclusion of carbon-ceramic brakes, a racing-inspired pushrod suspension setup, and a torque-vectoring gearbox. We must point out that these figures are based on digital modelling and simulations of SC2.

Karma SC2 ConceptKarma SC2 Concept

Karma SC2 Concept also acts as a preview a new vehicle architecture for future models. Karma Automotive’s Vice President of Global Design and architecture said that SC2 presents an optimistic and bold message of company’s future and they enthusiastically accept challenge of elevating experience driven mobility. Karma will display SC2 Concept at this event from 22nd November to 1st December at LA Auto Show.

Karma SC2 ConceptKarma SC2 Concept

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