Jannarelly Design-X1 Roadster’s picture unveiled to acknowledge public opinion

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Jannarelly Design-X1 Roadster

Jannarelly Design-X1 Roadster is going to be the next electric version from the automakers. However, with the starting of the New Year 2018, both big and small automakers are buckling up their shoelaces. They are into generating ideas so as to mark the year 2018 with much success. Hence Jannarelly is one of the automakers. However, the automaker is thoughtful of presenting their electric Design-1 roadster version in the world. Anthony Jannarelly, the founder of this company, was responsible for the Fenyr Supersport and Lykan Hypersport designing for the W Motors. Equation Composite, the manufacturer of the carbon fiber, stands as the business partner of Jannarelly’s business. Their dream created Design-1 whose production started around April 2016. However, Design-1 was a roadster with two seats and gets its power from naturally-aspirated V6 3.5-liter engine yielding 371 Nm of torque and 304 hp.Jannarelly Design-X1 Roadster Jannarelly Design-X1 Roadster

Jannarelly Design-X1 Roadster is the electric version of the Jannarelly Design-1 Roadster. However, the Jannarelly Design-X1 Roadster gets its inspiration from the classic roadster. The electric roadster will get its power from a 3.5-liter V6 engine coupled with a six-speed manual transmission. Hence the specifications appear to be much similar to the Jannarelly Design-1 whose engine was also paired with a six-speed manual transverse transmission. In the Design-1 Roadster, the power is sent to rear wheels with a finite slip differential.  However, the Design-1 Roadster came up with a tubular frame of steel with carbon fiber and fiberglass panels. The weight of the vehicle was 710 kg and it could run 62 mph at just 4 seconds with a top speed of 136 mph. Speaking about the Jannarelly Design-X1 Roadster, it will get rid of the internal-combustion engine for an electric powertrain. Hence many specifications had not been disclosed yet.Jannarelly Design-X1 Roadster

However, the picture presented here is a neon shade Jannarelly Design-X1 Roadster much similar to the Vantage of Aston Martin with grille frame in red and stripes in grey. This car is also equipped with single seat cockpit. Hence it holds more bodywork for the rest part of the cabin. Right now, Jannarelly seems to be curious about the public opinion about their electric roadster.Jannarelly Design-X1 Roadster Jannarelly Design-X1 Roadster

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