Jannarelly Design 1 is now Loaded with Canopy Roof

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Jannarelly Design 1

Jannarelly Design 1 is already known to be a unique roadster. Unlike other roadsters this is way good looking and the performance is still better than what others can hope for. But if someone wants their roaster to be a convertible, then that would be a tough job to do. As, it needs a place to cover the roof after been taken off. Well, its highly unlikely too see a convertible roadster. Now Jannarelly never designed anything like that before and the fans have already asked a lot about such design. So, in reply Anthony Jannarelly gave them something that they might never imagine.

Jannarelly Design 1 Jannarelly Design 1

So, Jannarelly Design 1 is now having a roof that can be removed, but instead of crawling backwards, it goes in the front. Now, this is something genius because not many people can think of something like that. In the images of Jannarelly Design 1 you can see that the roof is getting folded in the front without any troubles. The only problem is the part that the doors are operating independently. So, if you want to get in or get out of the car, then you might have to remove the whole thing. Now, this is going to create problems during the rain.

Jannarelly Design 1 Jannarelly Design 1 Jannarelly Design 1

But Jannarelly is making this just for the fun. Its highly unlikely to use this on a daily basis. Jannarelly Design 1 is definitely going to be the best supercar with highly designed approach. But if you think that this model is just for showcase, then you are wrong. The performance and the power generated by this model is super, and you are going to love the way it rides.


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