Jaguar XJ gets single malt interior from Vilner

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Vilner has got some really interesting interior for the Jaguar XJ. A blend of alcohol and car might not be something acceptable in general but this single malt interior provided by Vilner to the Jaguar XJ is worth mentioning. The main theme of Vilner was a “single malt” interior. It has been implemented in the most perfect way. It’s a 2005 Jaguar XJ that has come all the way from Poland to Sofia in order to receive this striking interior from Vilner. The detailed interior added by Vilner provides a feeling of whiskey and cigar club.

Jaguar XJ by VilnerJaguar XJ by Vilner

It is said Vilner has added the smoky effect in the image by using Photoshop. This has been done in order to point out the Jaguar XJ’s cabin theme added by Vilner. One can find abundant retro flavored leather and Alcantara combining perfectly with the original wood trim of the car. This creates an overall aristocratic ambience for gentleman of rich taste. The interior of Jaguar XJ look strikingly amazing. It must be definitely noted that Vilner has truly done a wonderful job. The designers have truly focused on the detailing by adding one of the rarest and classy themes for the 2005 XJ model.

Jaguar XJ by VilnerJaguar XJ by Vilner

Vilner has added a matching bag as final touch. It has been made from the same materials that have been sued in order to provide a classier cabin look. However, it is to be noted that the 2005 Jaguar XJ has been kept in a fabulous condition by the owner. So it seems the exterior of the car will be as amazing as the classy single malt interior.

Jaguar XJ by VilnerJaguar XJ by Vilner


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