Jaguar lineup will always consist of two-door coupe

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Jaguar’s Design head Ian Callum said last year that replacement for the F-Type is in the pipeline. He envisioned replacement as mid-engine styled electric car like C-X75 Concept. There are many difficulties in the road towards the replacement and in coming time charging time, weight and mileage will be improved. It seems that Callum is sticking to plan and further claimed that two-door coupe will always in their lineup. In an interview to Top Gear, he confirmed that no matter how popular SUV becomes Jaguar will always include two-door coupe in the lineup. Ian Callum enjoys an illustrious career thanks to years of designing beautiful cars.

Jaguar F-Type SVRJaguar F-Type SVRJaguar F-Type SVR

He reasoned that two-door coupe is part of their history and story and one cannot build a brand without it. Thus, two-door coupe is essential to the Jaguar brand. Even though the volume of it is low but still they will continue to build two-door sports car and rest will grow from there. In the same interview, he was asked about the future engine of the sports cars. Strangely his answer was as vague as earlier. He stated that they would stick with internal combustion engine or opt for fully electric. However deep down he is fully aware that future is about battery powered powertrain.

Jaguar F-Type SVRJaguar F-Type SVRJaguar F-Type SVR

Nonetheless, he is still unsure about the Jaguar F-Type. As demand for SUV is rising rapidly and steadily, it is important to see how the dynamics of the brand changes with respect to the lineup. With the news of two-door coupe confirmed, it would be interesting to see what interesting models Jaguar will introduce in years to come.

Jaguar F-Type SVRJaguar F-Type SVRJaguar F-Type SVR

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