Jaguar Land Rover latest project plans to cut through traffic jams

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Hitting green signal every time someone drives is pleasurable. City planners work hard to keep the traffic moving. Driver has to wait patiently when they are struck at red signal. Jaguar land Rover is set to make this task of waiting history. Jaguar Land Rover has announced that they are trailing technology that will help vehicle to avoid traffic jams. This “vehicle-to-infrastructure” technology, it will connect the cars with traffic light signals and keep informing driver at which speed to drive especially when they nears any signals. The name of the system is said to be Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA). The technology will display recommended speed that will prevent driver to confront with red light.

Jaguar Land Rover GLOSA Testing mule Jaguar Land Rover GLOSA Testing mule

If it turns out to be impossible, then GLOSA system will notify the driver and allow them to coast at perfect spot. As of now, this technology is not available on any cars, Jaguar Land Rover trailing this technology on the British roads. Test mule for this trail is Jaguar F-Pace. Jaguar Land Rover is not the first company to adopt this technology as Audi launched similar technology two years back. It was dubbed as Traffic Light Information technology and was available on selected A4, Q7 and Allroad models for Las Vegas roads. Since, then several cities have been added to this technology. With the widespread adoption of this technology, driver safety and air quality will be improved.

Air quality deteriorate when driver harsh braking and acceleration when it nears the traffic light. GLOSA will improve mental health of the driver and will decrease stress levels. GLOSA system is one of the technologies being trailed by Jaguar Land Rover as £20 million government funded project is put in place to accelerate development of autonomous driving technology. Jaguar Land Rover point out that GLOSA system doesn’t have autonomous feature but has advanced driver assistance system (ADAS). Intersection Collision Warning (ICW) system is also under work that alerts driver when they are approaching from a side towards T-Section.

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