Jaguar Future-Type concept showcases futuristic autonomous driving

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People who are demanding on demand fully self-driving car, they surely will be content with the new Jaguar Future-Type concept. Even though it is driveable, but still it is fully autonomous in every sense. It is Jaguar’s vision for self-driving cars which will ply on the roads from 2040. At the center of Jaguar Future-Type concept is its revolutionary Sayer concept. Sayer concept will be world’s first connected and intelligent steering wheel. It was revealed few days back and it is also world’s first voice activated Artificial Intelligence steering wheel. With its help, driver can call the car at their wishes, play a book, book a table at restaurant and even monitor at home activities.

Jaguar Future-Type conceptJaguar Future-Type conceptJaguar Future-Type concept

There is a good chance that this type of steering wheel might become the only crucial component in your car. Ian Callum who is design director at Jaguar said that it is future vision on how the luxury cars would still be desirable. He added that on-demand will be appealing to the customer. They can use the vehicle for the purpose of collecting kids from school, commuting to the work place or going on a weekend trip. If we could move in the 2040, then we could see Jaguar Future-Type concept in full flow that will help the customers in their daily chores.

Jaguar Future-Type conceptJaguar Future-Type conceptJaguar Future-Type concept

For instance, the owner can summon their car, and 2+1 seating will help the parent talk to their kid while the car does all the driving for them. Jaguar Future-Type concept is a narrow car and thus wont take much parking space and on the road. The driver can also set which path they want to drive it manually and which path they want the car to drive itself autonomously. For now, just admire the sketches of the concept.

Jaguar Future-Type conceptJaguar Future-Type conceptJaguar Future-Type concept

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