Intel hires LeBron James to shows that self-driving cars are safe

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For many public, self-driving cars are unsafe and unpredictable. Over the years, Intel has made great stride in this technology and to promote it have hired the services of LeBron James. The American based chipmaker will be giving an aggressive push in the self-driving technology. They are already working with several automakers and technology companies who will use the chips to power the car in future. Last year, Intel purchased Israeli based company Mobileye for $15.3 million. Intel has already announced that they are planning to build level 4 autonomous vehicles that will be tested in USA, Europe, and Israel.

Intel is announcing to the public about this through digital ad campaign and they have taken the help of one of the world’s famous sportsman. Intel’s VP and GM Kathy Winter said that she finds it shocking that many people don’t have any faith on autonomous cars. She also added that the road accident that occurs on the road happens because of human error which is more than 1 million deaths. But still the general public has so little faith in autonomous cars.

We need to be pointed out that there are not any fully autonomous cars in the market. It seems that general public aren’t the only one who is terrified with autonomous technology as report suggests that stockholders are also terrified. A report suggests that people are scared that their self-driving vehicles could be hacked easily and data could be stolen quite easily. Only time will be judgemental to decide if the ad campaign works in favour of self-driving vehicles. Have a good look at the attached video to see how LeBron James reacts to the new technology.

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