Iconic Ford Capri revisited again, brings back lot of good memories

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Way back in the year 1969, Ford launched Capri in Europe. This was the same year when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon and Woodstock festival became such an n integral part of music history books. Ford Capri remained in production for next 17 years and keep churning out models from their plant situated in Cologne, Germany. It put together three generations of model and more than 1.8 million people rode on it as preferred vehicle. This made it quite common on European roads.

Ford Capri

Now, that Ford Capri has turned 50 years old, Ford is celebrating its anniversary by going memory lane with the RS2600 model. During the six days of filming, odometer on the vehicle had covered kore than 435 miles. The onus of driving the Capri was given to motoring journalist Steve Sutcliffe. Ford Capri RS2600 travelled from Cologne to Eifel mountains. It was then raced at Spa Francorchamps and Zandvoort. Sutcliffe said in a statement that Capri was the car that allowed the man on the street to live everyday dream.

Ford Capri

He further added that it has feel good factor about the driver when he/she is behind the wheels and still possess the same quality. Ultimately, it is all about the pure enjoyment of driving something just a little bit different. Capri was discontinued in the year 1986. It was succeeded by Probe that eventually became the Cougar in Europe and ZX2 in North America that was launched two years later. Do check out the video for mesmerizing feel of the Capri.

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