Hyundai Kite Concept, scheduled for Geneva Motor Show, based on 1:1 scale model

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Hyundai Kite Concept

Hyundai Kite Concept is scheduled for next month’s Geneva Motor Show. However, European Design Center of Hyundai paired with Turin’s Instituto Europeo di Design (IED). Hence, the partnership resulted in designing the all-new Hyundai Kite Concept.   However, the 1:1 scale model stands as the basis of the concept. Hence the scale model was invented as the Master in Transportation Design program’s thesis project part. 15 students from different countries like India, South Korea, China, Italy, Great Britain and Mexico created the concept.Hyundai Kite Concept

However, the Hyundai Kite Concept will first come out on 6th March at the Geneva Motor Show. Hence the Hyundai Kite Concept is 12.2 feet (3745 mm) long with wide to be 7.3 feet (2235 mm). Moreover, the Hyundai Kite Concept is 4.7 feet (1455 mm) tall. Hence, the measure of the wheelbase counts to 8.4 feet (2580 mm). However, the automaker has revealed very less information about the Hyundai Kite Concept. So, it’s very unfortunate that we lack much detail about the vehicle. But having a look at the renderings, it is been clear that the Hyundai Kite Concept will be equipped with two seats. Hence it will not have a roof over the head.  Moreover, the door and windscreen will also lack from the Hyundai Kite Concept.Hyundai Kite Concept

However, IED stated that the Hyundai Kite Concept will get an electric powertrain. Hence it is expected that the concept will be equipped with at least single electric brushless motor. However, throughout the years IED had surfaced with a number of concepts.  The school provides high regards to this concept as this is the first time the school had worked on an actual interior. Hence, the concept will feature a gearbox and Sabelt seats created in collaboration with the Gruppo Sila. However, IED stated that the concept’s open design permits the model to replace the traditional vehicle idea and be a user experience place.

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