Hyundai Genesis working on supercar to compete against Porsche and Ferrari

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Hyundai Genesis supercar

Hyundai Genesis is giving it all to make its mark in all segments. New reports suggest that South Korean automaker is reportedly working a performance supercar project. This project is supposed to be a challenger for the likes of Porsche and Ferrari. It may compete in performance aspect of design, but we are not sure about if for now. Whatever Hyundai Genesis may put on paper, snatching away clients from such established brand won’t be easy as they are already established.

Hyundai Genesis supercarHyundai Genesis supercarHyundai Genesis supercar

This news was confirmed by Hyundai Design VP Luc Donckerwolke and also by Vice-Chairman of R&D Woong-chul Yang to WheelsMag during CES event at Las Vegas. Donckerwolke confirmed that they have already started the work on the project and he will be personally reviewing next year after the commencement of 2018 CES. He failed to add anything to the statement but added that not all of their cars will be fully autonomous. It was believed that supercar from Hyundai Genesis won’t have anything to do with “N” arm.

Hyundai Genesis supercarHyundai Genesis supercarHyundai Genesis supercar

Woong-chul Yang added that it will be developed by their Performance Division under the guidance of Albert Biermann who was former head of BMW M. The project will surface within coming years with two-door styling. It will be powered with small internal combustion engine that will be backed up by electric motors and batteries. Not many people are aware of the fact that Donckerwolke played a significant role in the design of Lamborghini Diablo and Gallardo. It will be interesting to see how supercar from Hyundai Genesis will pan out eventually.

Hyundai Genesis supercarHyundai Genesis supercarHyundai Genesis supercar

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