Hyundai develops world’s First Panoramic Sunroof Airbag

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Many new cars buyers look for a panoramic sunroof. It may look beautiful but there are few safety concerns about it. Hyundai have come up with an idea which will make panoramic sunroof safe and secure. Hyundai’s new Panoramic Sunroof Airbag is first of its kind and any worries about glass roof will be answered with this feature. Hyundai Mobis is credit for this amazing feature who supplies part for the automaker. The innovation behind this idea is to install airbag inside the sunroof mechanism of the tempered glass roof.

Hyundai Panoramic Sunroof Airbag

There is an on-board sensor installed and if it detects that crash (roll over) is going to happen then it will deploy the airbags. However, the airbag is deployed from the forward position to the rear direction. It manages to cover the entire sunroof in just 0.08 seconds. Hyundai also claims that this feature will prevent the passengers inside the car from falling out of the car during rollover. If this is made possible then any chances of serious injuries will be prevented. Till, now the South Korean automaker haven’t revealed when this feature will make its way onto any production vehicles.

Hyundai Panoramic Sunroof Airbag

During the development phase, it was thoroughly tested on dummies. The aforementioned points have come from these tests. The company has been raked quite highly by the IIHS and features like this will surely help them to get more attention and improve sales figure. The company have also filed 11 patents regarding the same. There is a good probability that it might be introduced in genesis models first. We have also attached a video of it for closer inspection.

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