Hyundai 45 Concept arrives at Frankfurt Motor Show, previews future EV design

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After teasing for weeks, Hyundai has lifted veil off the 45 Concept at ongoing Frankfurt Moor Show. In essence, 45 Electric Concept is a study that looks into the future while paying tribute to the past. Hyundai 45 Concept is inspired by one of most iconic models in company’s history, 1974 Pony Coupe Concept. 45 design study showcases future design direction for Hyundai’s electric vehicles. Moreover, Hyundai 45 Concept reimagines the in-car experience in age of electrification and autonomous technologies. The name Hyundai 45 Concept is also throwback to the Pony Coupe Concept as it completes 45 years of unveiling.

Hyundai 45 ConceptHyundai 45 ConceptHyundai 45 Concept

The name is also attributed to 45-degree angles at the front and rear that form a diamond shaped silhouette. Hyundai claims it anticipates the design direction of future EV models. The 45 Concept has monocoque body style with aerodynamics and lightweight design is inspired by aircrafts of 1920s. Like the original coupe, it has clean lines and minimalistic structure. Moreover, it incorporates evolution of Hyundai’s “Sensuous Sportiness” design language. Additionally, there is lattice radiator grille with a “kinetic cube lamp” design echoed at the rear. It is done through by a similar arrangement, fastback profile with a forward-oriented posture, a significant width, and suicide doors.

Hyundai 45 ConceptHyundai 45 ConceptHyundai 45 ConceptHyundai 45 Concept

Since, Hyundai 45 Concept is autonomous driving technology, designers have incorporated minimalistic design. Cabin consist of combination of wood, fabric and leather to create realizing, warn and spacious atmosphere. Hyundai asserted that 45 Concept will have fully-electric powertrain that enables maximum usage of interior space as the batteries and motors are positioned outside or below passenger compartment. The concept also refines door-mounted device pockets by introducing a horizontally elongated shape that can carry books or tablet PCs. Storage space uses transparent material so that content can be seen easily. No information has been provided regarding the powertrain.

Hyundai 45 ConceptHyundai 45 ConceptHyundai 45 ConceptHyundai 45 Concept

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