Honda S660 Modulo Neo Classic is a stunning Retro Kei Car

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Honda S660 Modulo Neo Classic

Even though Honda S660 is one of the coolest roadster going around, but it is only available in Japan. Few days back, a special version of S660 was revealed which will make its debut at Tokyo Auto Salon. It is dubbed as S660 Trad Leather Edition. In standard version, S660 is a formidable entity with mid-engine layout and the rear-wheel-drive Kei car makes us drool over it. This racer doesn’t pack a punch with 0.66-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine with 63hp. However, there are many special versions available such as the latest Trad Leather Edition. But, if buyers think that S660 looks old, they can opt for Neo Classic body kit which is inspired by the classic S600. Honda S660 Modulo Neo Classic totally transforms the car.

Honda S660 Modulo Neo ClassicHonda S660 Modulo Neo Classic

Honda S660 Modulo Neo Classic it might be to everyone’s liking. It has been reimagined with how a S660 Neo Classic Race Car looks like and designers created a striking package. Front fascia has an aggressive look thanks to taped headlights. Additionally, bolt-on fender flares and Kammback with prominent boot lid spoiler also adds a new dimension of S660. Some might even call it a remarkable transformation of Honda S660. One of the most interesting features of Honda S660 Modulo Neo Classic is its taped-off headlights.

Tweaking to the exterior has also been made to Honda S660 Modulo Neo Classic. There is front fender leather straps, race wheels shod with competition tires, and wing mirrors which is visible. Honda didn’t give us a preview to the inside of the S660 Modulo Neo Classic. However, we are expecting racing seats and a roll cage. At this point of time, we don’t know if Honda will offer bodykit beyond Tokyo Auto Salon.

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