Honda S2000 fitted with Twin-Turbo V6 and makes it more desirable

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There are few vehicles around that are screaming for engine swap. However, one of them stands out amongst others which are Honda S2000 models. Thankfully, we are not the only party to think in the same wavelength. YouTuber “The Hoonigan” featured this roadster in their Build Biology video. This tuned Honda S2000 dumps standard 2.0 liter straight four in place of Acura TL sedan’s V6 engine. However, this particular is from second generation Type S (1999-2003) and uses 3.2-liter J32A2 engine. To make it more interesting, couple of turbochargers has been fitted.

As one could have imagined this project was not a simple task and builder didn’t take any shortcuts. Even though there is swap kit available, but there are additional works needs to be done on it. For instance, intake manifold, titanium exhaust, and six-inch-thick intercooler all needs to be built from scratch. Putting radiators in the back and rerouting the entire cooling system must have been an onerous task. To complete this extensive project including welding, owner of Honda S2000 took 100 hours. Now, the question arises how much power does Honda S2000 eventually gains. It is in the region of 500hp, but it is understood that this threshold can be crossed.

Apart from swapping the engine of Honda S2000, builder also upgraded brakes, suspension, rolling stock, and aero kit. He also made changes in the interior of Honda S2000 and stripped it. A full roll cage, racing bucket, and Sparco wheel was fitted into this roadster and painted it in Protonic Blue. The same color scheme is also found on BMW i8. Hood has been removed to showcase the turbos. There is lot more to the Honda S2000, but it is better if we show you the full 16 minutes video.

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