Honda Civic Type R cheaper version to arrive in 2018

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Honda Civic Type R cheaper version

There are not many critics who would deny that Honda Civic Type R is fastest and capable hatchback around. This hatchback is not cheap by any means and the base price starts from $34,775. The high price can be attributed to one trim. However, there are reports that Honda is working on second model and it would be discarding some equipment that would bring down the price drastically. The cheaper version of Honda Civic Type R is set to arrive in United States by next year.

Honda Civic Type R cheaper version

The news was confirmed by “The Truth About Cars” when they got hold of NHTSA certification papers. It was filed by Honda America and it reveals the current Civic Type R that is exclusively available in Touring guise under the code of FK8G7. The paper also revealed second model which is listed as “Type R”. It will have same engine but will come with six-speed manual transmission from Touring trim. However, it is filed under the name FK8G3. Some report about this car was revealed in the month of April.

Honda Civic Type R cheaper versionHonda Civic Type R cheaper version

This news solidifies the news that Honda is trying to offer this hot hatchback more affordable. At this moment of time, it would be tough for us to say what Honda will remove from Civic Type R to make it cheaper. To make it more affordable, Honda Civic Type R might be coming with smaller wheels, and inexpensive tires. Other features may comprise of cheaper audio system, no towering rear wing and simplified seats. We will have to wait for few months to know more about the Honda Civic Type R.

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