Holden Time Attack Concept revealed to celebrate its first win at Bathurst

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Production of Holden Commodore has ended and it marks the end of last car made by any major automaker post Toyota and Ford. Holden had started to build cars in the year 1948 even though the company was formed by 1856. Nonetheless, Holden isn’t giving up on performance as new concept was revealed. Holden Time Attack Concept currently exists only in virtual world and it has been designed in-house by company’s design and engineering team. Holden Time Attack Concept is quite similar to Audi’s Vision Gran Turismo. Design of this Time Attack Concept has futuristic looks and spaceship elements.

Holden Time Attack Concept

Holden Time Attack Concept is created to pay tribute 50th anniversary of their first win at Bathurst in 1968. Holden claims that concept has been designed to get maximum performance. It has been envisioned that Holden Time Attack Concept comes with four electric motors. Each of the motor produced an output of 355hp. It gives a maximum output of 1,341hp and 3,240Nm of torque on this all-wheel drive racer. The performance figure enables Holden Time Attack Concept to accelerate from 0 to 62mph in 1.25 seconds before hitting the top speed of 298mph. It is estimated that Time Attack Concept would be able to lap Mount Panorama in about 1:29.30.

Holden Time Attack ConceptHolden Time Attack ConceptHolden Time Attack Concept

Holden Time Attack Concept rides on carbon fiber chassis that uses cellulose honeycomb structure. This concept also features carbon fiber, a carbon Kevlar composite body, and titanium suspension components. Design director Richard Ferlazzo said that halting of motor show left a huge hole in Australian automotive culture. He further added that they have lost a forum to showcase their creation to Australian public.

Holden Time Attack ConceptHolden Time Attack ConceptHolden Time Attack Concept

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