Holden Commodore next gen model previewed in disguise

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The next gen version of the Holden Commodore is coming closer to its launch. Now, the next gen Holden Commodore has been previewed in its prototype disguise. This is for the first time the Holden Commodore will not be manufactured in Australia. This is going to be essentially are badged version of General Motor’s Buick Regal and Opel Insignia. This means the new Holden Commodore will offer a range of exciting new techs.

Holden Commodore

The most significant change is likely to be the change from RWD to AWD. This has been done in order to ensure higher performance. This will be offered along with efficient torque vectoring. The next gen Holden Commodore will come standard with a nine speed automatic transmission. It is going to be offered with a V6 engine of 3.6 liter generating 308 hp and 226 pound feet of torque. Added to that, there will be two FWD models available as well. There will be a turbocharged petrol unit of 2.0 liter and a turbo diesel unit of 2.0 liter.

Holden CommodoreHolden Commodore

The use of General Motor’s E2 architecture will help the 2018 Holden Commodore to lose between 200 to 300 kg in weight. This would improve the performance and fuel efficiency as well. However, there are few other changes that have been made. These include matrix lights, adaptive suspension and improved infotainment system of 8 inch display. Support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be offered as well. Jeremy Tassone (Engineering Group manager for vehicle development, Holden) says the company has been engaged in this program from the outset. This has been done in order to make sure that the Holden Commodore live up to its iconic nameplate.

Holden CommodoreHolden Commodore

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