Gyon Matchless Concept with Shooting Brake style set to debut in New York

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Gyon Matchless Concept

China based start-up Gyon has teased us with latest luxury car. It will make its debt at 2019 New York Auto Show. However, we got to get to look it first at the ongoing Shanghai Auto Show. Dubbed as Gyon Matchless and was unveiled in China. For those who are wondering what Gyon means in Mandarin or Cantonese, it actually means “Grow Your Own Niche”. If company words are to be believed, the most important word is “niche” and for them it defines unique and futuristic. Gyon Matchless Concept aspects to be the same.

Gyon Matchless ConceptGyon Matchless ConceptGyon Matchless Concept

We are not going to determine the aesthetics of the Gyon Matchless Concept as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Regardless, because of the sheer size, the Matchless Concept looks imposing. With respect to styling, the concept features C-shaped light graphics front and rear, the LED screen grille that will (or can) display various information, and the wavy shoulder line offering it a strong sense of power. It is said that overall design is inspired by hourglass and is evident from the profile.

Gyon Matchless ConceptGyon Matchless ConceptGyon Matchless Concept

Interior of Gyon Matchless Concept looks futuristic as there is no physical button. It is dominated by multiple display screens and innovative steering wheel with a break in the sides. Cabin seems to have premium materials and heavily uses contrast stitching on the seats, upper dash, lower dash, center console and door panels. Gyon stated that their first model would be compact or medium-sized sedan with 360-372 miles of electric driving range.

Gyon Matchless ConceptGyon Matchless ConceptGyon Matchless Concept

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