Gumpert Aiways RG Nathalie is a revolutionary electric vehicle

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Roland Gumpert is a legendary name in automotive industry. Gumpert maybe 73 years old, but he is a Nürburgring record holder, and also an ex-Audi Motorsport Director. He is currently working on a secret project and the result of it is Gumpert Aiways RG Nathalie. As the name suggest, the project is collaboration between Gumpert and Chinese electric startup Aiways. Judging by the first look, Gumpert Aiways RG Nathalie is an impressive electric sports car. The design reminds us of the Audi Sport Quattro Concept. The name is derived from one of the Gumpert’s daughter.

Gumpert Aiways RG Nathalie

The power in the Gumpert Aiways RG Nathalie comes from four electric motors. However, the power is not derived from the battery. Instead of it, hydrogen fuel cell stack is used for powering this electric vehicle. Since, there are many hydrogen fueling stations around the globe, the company has implemented a methanol reformer. In this system, methanol is taken and broken into carbon dioxide and hydrogen. Hydrogen is then used to funnel into fuel cell whereas carbon dioxide is released into the air. All these tweaks make Gumpert Aiways RG Nathalie it revolutionary.

Gumpert Aiways RG Nathalie

This setup will help Gumpert Aiways RG Nathalie to accelerate from 0 to 62mph in 2.5 seconds before hitting the top speed of 186mph. When this EV is driven fast, it gives a range of 370 miles and when driven conservatively 700 miles. RG Nathalie was showcased at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show and wears shade of purple. With respect to aesthetics, it has large air intakes, sharp lines on front fascia, and upper headlight similar to that of Aston Martin Vulcan. The rear of the vehicle has LED taillights, and additional lights. Aiways is planning to deliver this vehicle by 2019, but considering all the technologies provided in the car, it certainly won’t be cheap.

Gumpert Aiways RG Nathalie

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