Gordon Murray T.50 first official image revealed, comes with rear-mounted fan

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Gordon Murray Automotive unveiled first official image of their forthcoming T.50 supercar. Gordon Murray T.50 is some kind of a successor to the iconic McLaren F1. Nonetheless, the new supercar promises to be most advanced and most effective aerodynamics ever seen for a road-legal version. One of the most noticeable aspect of the Gordon Murray T.50 is ground-effect fan on the rear end. This fan is part of the car’s unique airflow management system. For many it looks like a car from any sci-fi movie. Fan works in conjugation with an active underbody aero agenda and dynamic rear aerofoils. This helps Gordon Murray T.50 to offer better aerodynamic performance than conventional ground effects.

Gordon Murray T.50 Supercar

Gordon Murray have partnered with F1 racing team Racing Point to physical test T.50 at their rolling-road wind tunnel which is scheduled to start from early next year. Few might be wondering about the fan used in the Gordon Murray T.50. It is used to rapidly accelerate the air passing under the vehicle. It forces through special control ducts which is a part of rear diffuser. When High-Downforce model is utilized, downforce is increased by 30 percent whereas Streamline mode reduces drag by 10 percent to enhance straight-line speed. Finished production version will have six different aero modes for different driving scenarios with an extreme V-Max mode. When this mode is used, it will draw extra power from 48v integrated starter generator and ram induction to hit power level up to 700hp.

Gordon Murray T.50 Supercar

Gordon Murray T.50 will be a lightweight supercar with weight tipped at 980kg. It is targeting the title of purest, most driver-focused road-legal car. Powering the Gordon Murray T.50 is a bespoke 3.9-liter Cosworth V12 engine that can rev up to 12,100 rpm. It produces an output of 650hp and 450 Nm of torque with power being channeled through six-speed manual transmission. Rear-drive Gordon Murray T.50 is going to be three-seater and driver sits in the middle just like McLaren F1 designed by Gordon Murray. Deliveries of this supercar is scheduled for January 2022. By the first quarter of 2020, first completed body will be ready for physical aero testing. Full revelation is set for next May.

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