GMC Acadia previous version to coexist with the new gen model temporarily

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GMC Acadia

GM has made an announcement that the previous gen GMC Acadia will not be discontinued in near future. The all new model of GMC Acadia is slated to go on sale this spring. Brian Goebel (GM Spokesman) said that both the models will coexist for a limited period of time. The exact timetable has not been specified by the company. The previous gen GMC’s Acadia will see the model year 2017. On the other hand, the limited run Acadia will be produced in Lansing, Michigan. This is where GM’s plant is located where Buick Enclave and Chevy Traverse were being put together.

The reason behind keeping the GMC Acadia old version alive has to do with the decision of company. The decision is to maintain the current fall production in Lansing, until a replacement fulfills the production capacity that is available. The new model of Acadia will be assembled in Tennessee, Spring Hill. The new model will go on sale his spring with price starting from $29,995. The new one is 700 lbs lighter than the limited version of GMC Acadia Limited. The model will be 7.2 inches shorter than the limited one at the same time.

The all new GMC Acadia is 3.5 inches narrower as well. The buyers will not be able to get this car as an 8 seat layout. The car will be offered only in 5, 6 or 7 seat layouts. However, the news of a new GMC Acadia along with the previous model coexisting for the time being is really nice. Fans and lovers of Acadia are expected to stay quite excited with the news.

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