Geneva Motor Show – A look back at the show

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Geneva Motor Show

Geneva Motor Show is drawing toward its conclusion. In the show, we came across many cars. It is now time to get a quick look back on all those cars. However, many concepts also showed up in the motor show. Some caught the attention of the crowd through their good looks such as the Kite Concept of Hyundai.  And some with their ugly look such as the Sbarro 4×4+2 concept. However, if you are luring to know about supercars then Geneva Motor Show was full of it.   Moreover, the automotive industry is surrounded by a lot of unnecessary things nowadays. This is mainly due to the odd expectation of the enthusiasts in case of autonomous and electric vehicles. Though this two goes completely opposite to each other but automakers are trying hard to extend the boundaries with the driver-oriented supercars.Geneva Motor Show Geneva Motor Show

However, McLaren, Ferrari, and other major automakers also left a notable footmark at the Geneva Motor Show. Hence Ferrari 488 Pista owned many hearts and at the same time, there was a more hardcore McLaren Senna GTR. McLaren Special Operations, the sportier arm of the British marquee, was also been seen with their Atlantic Blue 720 S.  However, by now enthusiasts are much familiar to the brands like Ferrari, McLaren, Koenigsegg, and Lamborghini. But there were certain small automakers that showed up their designs in the Geneva Motor Show. Some of them were Zenvo, Zerouno, W Motors, Rimac, and Techrules. However, these automakers came up with their supercars at the motor show. And proved, without the fight, it will be tough for the superior performance vehicles to go down.Geneva Motor Show Geneva Motor Show

However, in the Geneva Motor Show, Zenvo previewed TSR-S, a street-legal supercar. Moreover, the Danish automaker has earned a bad reputation for manufacturing cars that catch light. However, the Zenvo TSR-S features 5.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine producing 1,177 hp. Hence in 2.8 seconds, it can reach 62 mph. Moreover, the small automaker came with only five units of the same.  Now next is the Rimac C_Two which is the brand’s second electric car. It produces 1,888 hp in total and can travel 0 to 60 mph in just 1.85 seconds. And the Rimac C_ Two falls in the electric vehicle category and it looks darn amazing.  However, these states that how the small brands are showing up interest in the supercars. And thus they are making uses of millions of dollars for building the supercars.Geneva Motor Show Geneva Motor Show

However, Geneva Motor Show also had another example of the same. Another small automaker Techrules showcased their Ren RS at the Geneva Motor Show. Though, other automakers make efforts in building pure vehicles, hybrids and electric supercars from the internal combustion engine. But Techrules preferred to work in a different way. Hence the Techrules Ren RS is fitted with diesel turbine engine and six electric motors that are capable of producing 1287 hp. Moreover, it also had 21-gallon tank with 727 ranges which imply that numerous laps are possible. However, the top speed of the car is noted 205 mph.

Geneva Motor Show Geneva Motor ShowHence Geneva Motor Show showed up some excellent vehicles this year. Moreover, once the electric and hybrid vehicles are considered to be boring. But things have changed and lots of automakers are making attempt to provide them with high performance. However, the internal combustion engine may not last for long. But automakers are not going to give up the custom fight source without a tough fight.

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