General Motors Collaborates with IBM for Software Usage

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General Motors

IBM and General Motors announced its partnership which combines Watson’s cognitive abilities. The IBM’s Watson will be used OnStar General Motors service. IBM Watson is a tech platform which uses machine learning and natural language process to reveal different requested data. Currently it offers features such as turn by turn navigation and vehicle tracking for monthly subscription fee. The program OnStar Go will deliver hospitality; location based covering fuel, restaurants, entertainment and etc. According to GM Parkopedia, Mastercard, iHeartRadio, Gympse and ExxonMobil are the first brands that joins the program.

ExxonMobil will use the cognitive mobility platform. It will help the drivers locate Exxon quickly and Mobil retail fuel stations. It can also do the authorize payment from inside the car. According to General Motors it will enable the passengers and drivers to safely make secure, seamless and simple payments for services and goods from the comfort of the cars. It may sound little intrusive but the system will help them who are searching for different services while at the wheel. Though the upgraded OnStar Go looks like it is more about advertising.

But the General Motors said that its main use is to let the drivers interact and connect with its favorite brands. Along with Watson crunching data on users’ habits in order to provide personalized services. These services can be genuinely useful depending on its outlook. They can be just intrusive and unnecessary attempt to see things. Though this time it will happen in your car. The future customers will have Siri or Google Assistant. But it will only for the in car advertising.

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