Gemballa Hypercar is steadily moving towards production

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Gemballa Hypercar

When it comes to tuned version of Porsche, the first name that comes up is Gemballa. Now, the Stuttgart based tuning company is moving towards building a hypercar. At this point of time, details are limited about Gemballa Hypercar but the project in entry stages. The company stated that it had successfully started fundraising process and is getting payments from investors. With this taken care off, Gemballa is moving to technical planning phase and is releasing more details about the new hypercar.

Gemballa Hypercar

A prototype of Gemballa Hypercar is expected to be unveiled early next year and company promises that it will have state-of-the-art drive and aero technology. Nonetheless, Gemballa promises that they are targeting a time of less than 2.5 seconds to hit 0-62mph. They further added hypercar would hit 124 mph in around 6.5 seconds. Nothing has been said about the powertrain that will be used on Gemballa Hypercar, but German tuner promised that initial version will have a combustion engine. Later, we could expect a hybrid variant that is presumed to offer better performance. It was also disclosed manual transmission could be optional.

The vehicle promises to be extremely lightweight, but there is no indication how much it will weigh and how extensive the usage of carbon fiber would be. Apart from these vague specs, Gemballa released a couple of teasers. Judging by them, it would have an aggressive front fascia, bulging fenders and slender LED lighting units. Other noticeable aspects are prominent scoops, a front splitter and exposed carbon fiber along with massive wheels and a distinctive rear spoiler.

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