Geely is on its way to Acquire Lotus and Some Parts of Proton

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Chinese Automobile industry is growing really fast and they are looking to expand further. In similar expansion mode, the Chinese Automaker Geely that already owns Volvo is going forward to acquire Lotus. They already produce cars under their name, but apart from that they own Volvo, Lynk & Co, and London Taxi Co. Now they are planning to expand more and get some more companies under their umbrella. Recently, there has been news that Geely is planning to acquire nearly half of Malaysian Automaker Proton. Not only Proton, but they will acquire a lot of stocks of Lotus.

The details of the deal are still not so clear, but one thing is for sure that the final terms of the deal will be final till end of July. But we would have to wait to know if Geely is going to acquire exactly half of Proton, or they are planning something more than that. Whatever happens, one thing is for sure that the Chinese Automaker is going to acquire Lotus. If such things happen then within three decades, Lotus will see another change in Ownership. They have already been overtaken by various other automakers before.

Lotus earlier was acquired by by General motors in 1986 and then later it was acquired by Bugatti. Then after few years it was a part of Proton and later finally been acquired by DRB-HICOM. Only future can say what Geely can do for Lotus, but seeing their progress with Volvo, we are pretty sure that they have something good coming for Lotus.

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