FV Frangivento Asfane DieciDieci hybrid supercar finally makes debut with 996hp

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Last week, we revealed that FV Frangivento Asfane DieciDieci hybrid supercar will make its debut. Now, the mysterious supercar has been unveiled to the world. Teaser showcases an outrageous design and it retains the same aesthetics. This hybrid supercar features wedge-like carbon fiber and aluminum body with gullwing doors, a carbon fiber spoiler, roof-mounted scoop and OZ Racing wheels. The stunning design follows the rear of the vehicle and features floating brake lights and a massive diffuser and a six-tip exhaust.

FV Frangivento Asfane DieciDieci

Interior is two-toned and offers an aircraft-inspired steering wheel and a freestanding digital instrument cluster. Moreover, there is an infotainment system along with alloy pedals. Specifications of the FV Frangivento Asfane DieciDieci is still unknow and judging by previous report, the supercar will feature a turbocharged 5.4-liter V10 ICE. The ICE unit offers an output of 848 horsepower whereas two electric motors which are mounted on the front axle offers an additional 148 horsepower. Thus, the combined output of this hybrid supercar is an astonishing 996hp (1010 PS / 743 kW).

It is also reported that FV Frangivento Asfane DieciDieci rides on aluminium frame and features eight-speed automatic transmission. However, we haven’t got any final performance figure as of yet. Quattroruote claims that Italian company wants to become equivalent of Swedish Koenigsegg. Nonetheless, they have a long way to achieve their dream, but the start is quite impressive. Hence, Asfane DieciDieci is for sale and the collected fund will be finance the next development steps of the project. Prospective buyer is expected to shell out around $1.1 and $1.7 million to put this supercar in their garage.

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