Future Mercedes-AMG models might come with electric motor that offers 121hp

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Mercedes-AMG Hybrid

All future models from Mercedes-AMG will eventually be equipped with plug-in hybrid powertrains. This news was confirmed by the company itself. Mercedes is already offering mild hybrid powertrain for CLS 53, E53 and new GLE 53. The powertrain is coupled with a six-cylinder engine with the 48-volt starter and generator electric motor that produces an output of 22 hp and 249 Nm of torque. Even though they are more fuel efficient than the internal combustion engine, but the company admitted that they are not in their long-term plan. It was confirmed by Mercedes head of external affairs for emissions Frank Overmeyer.

He said that all future Mercedes-AMG models will have an option of plug-in hybrids. Mild hybrid is not their plan of Mercedes-AMG as the emissions saving is too small. Autocar reports that future Mercedes-AMG plug-in hybrid models might be outfitted by company’s third-generation PHEV system. It is already on offer for different variants such as C-Class, E-Class and S-Class. It features a powerful electric motor that generates 121 hp and 440 Nm of torque. All-electric driving range is 31 miles. Mercedes-AMG will brand this feature as EQ Power+ when it will be used in future models. Nonetheless, it will have more power and less electric range.

Frank Overmeyer said that majority of components would be same such as battery, application and electric motor. But performance would be boosted significantly with reduction of range. SUV might offer a range of 62 miles whereas AMG would offer between 37 and 47 miles. If Mercedes-AMG does add electric motor to their existing model, we would have a powerful vehicle in our hands.

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