Fully Electric Ferrari won’t be arriving until after 2025

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According to Ferrari’s CEO Louis Camilleri, company won’t be launching their first electric model until after 2025 as per latest reports. He stated that technology is not ready yet for such kind of move. Interestingly, last time we heard about them talking about electric model they had said that it will only be after 2022, few analysts forecasted a launch after 2023. Now, judging by Ferrari CEO’s current standing the dates have been moved forward. Louis Camilleri stated that battery technology is still not there yet.

Ferrari Roma

He was also unconvinced about the autonomy and with regards to speed of charging. But confirmed that Ferrari will come out with one such model, but it would be after 2025 and there is no scope in the short term. Louis Camilleri added that they are definitely examining the prospect of a fully electric grand tourer. However, for a foreseeable future Ferrari would be concentrating on hybrid powertrains. Earlier this year, they had introduced SF 90 Stradale, which is first series of their production hybrid models.

Ferrari Roma Ferrari Roma

Italian automaker is targetting60percent of sale by 2022 to be electrified. However, they are also considering other technologies such as biofuels and hydrogen. Louis Camilleri said that Ferrari is looking at different powertrains and trying to determine which one would be more efficient and effective with respect to their vision for future Ferrari cars. They have already launched SF 90 Stradale, F8 Tributo, F8 Spider, 812 GTS and Roma. In next four years, 10 more vehicles would be arriving that includes one of the highly anticipated Purosangue SUV. This SUV is expected to arrive in market in 2022.

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