Ford trademarks Mach E Moniker, might be used for Mustang inspired electric crossover

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Ford Electric CUV Teaser

We already know that name of the upcoming Mustang inspired electric crossover is still undecided. When Ford floated the idea name of Mach 1, it faced sever backlash from fans. Ford took the suggestion into consideration and went back to its drawing board. Michigan based company even started to with varying names including “performance utility”, “performance battery electric utility” and “Mustang-inspired battery-electric SUV”. Hence, electric crossover needs a better name and there is good chance it could wear Mach E moniker. The Drive noted that Ford has filed trademark application for Mach E or Mach-E.

Ford filing

The filing was made on 26th November with United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It is incidentally a year after Mach 1 fiasco. Just like any other filings, this particular application specified that it could “motor vehicles, namely, electric vehicles, passenger automobiles, trucks, sport utility vehicles, off-road vehicles, and structural parts, fittings, and badges therefore metal license plate frames.” Unfortunately, these are unconfirmed reports and the company is tight lipped about it. Spokesperson of the publication in a statement said that trademarks are filed to protect new ideas and not to indicate new business and product plans.

Not much is known about the electric crossover, but in the month of September they had released a teaser image that showed its rear end. The teaser image disclosed that it had muscular rear haunches along with slender mirrors and taillights similar to that of Mustang. Ford has already confirmed that the new model will be launched by 2020 and will have driving range of 300 miles. Earlier, the automaker had confirmed that it would one of out of 16 electric vehicles to be introduced by the year 2022.

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