Ford Mustang is celebrating its European Debut and estimated to cost €46,000 in Germany

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Ford Mustang Bullitt is the best version of Ford it has ever produced. This best version is not only limited to North America’s market but has also landed in the European market as well. This version of Ford Mustang is selected for debut at the Geneva Motor Show this year. With the use of few dynamic scenes and appealing videos, Ford took the privilege to highlight their latest Ford Mustang Bullitt. The excellent performance level and strict references will also highlight the supercars some of the special features.

Ford Mustang Bullitt is going to be presented in the European market and US market with slight changes. This supercar is featured with a V8 5.0-liter engine, which possesses the ability to produce 475 hp. The difference between the two market launch is this factor, as in the former the car has the ability to produce 475 hp and in the latter 457 hp (464 PS). Other than this there are not a bit changes in the launching of US and European market. Ford Mustang Bullitt is fixed with manual transmission of 6-speed and that was done with the use of rev-matching latest technology of Ford.
Ford Mustang Bullitt is featured in Classic Highland Green. And there is a bit of confusion with the color shades as marketing brand department thinks that the color is not that much customer appealing. Therefore, this car is also offered to customers in Shadow Black options. The latest Ford Mustang is further featured in 19-inch alloy with added special exterior, digital instrument cluster of 12-inch, Bullitt style fuel cap and a premium stereo. The exact pricing of this supercar is still not announced by Ford but estimated to cost €46,000 in Germany.

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