Ford GT uses same gearbox as Mercedes-AMG GTS, but costs twice

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Many automakers share same components from brand manufacturer and it is not a huge mystery in the industry. For instance, two most renowned gearbox manufacturers are ZF and Getrag. Two of them supply many of the passenger cars around the world. Few of them opt for third-party parts to cut down on the development costs. Ford GT supercar uses Getrag’s dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox which is 7DCL750. With this transaxle-type system, it can handle up to 553 lb-ft of torque with an input speed of 9500rpm. Because of this reason, this gearbox is preferred choice for many supercars, and sports cars.

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Apart from Ford GT supercar, this same gearbox is also found on Ferrari California, Ferrari 458 Italia, Mercedes-AMG GT and SLS. Interestingly, Mercedes-AMG GT and Ford GT shares identical gearbox as transmission has similar housing and majority of them are identical parts. Both of them also share identical gear ration in first, seconds, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh gears. It is quite strange that they share identical 3.67 final drive. Since, Ford GT and Mercedes-AMG GT uses Getrag’s DCT 7DCL750, pricing should have been close. However, Road & Track reports that there is considerable price gap between the two.

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Customers who are looking to replace Ford GT’s transmission (part number HG7Z-7000-A) would have to pay a retail price of $27,624. The aforementioned price is for those who can turn their tune in a separate GT transmission to be replaced. If customers fail to furnish it, then they would have to pay an additional $5000 which brings the price to $32,324. Now, let us put little bit of perspective on the high pricing of Ford GT transmission. To purchase Ferrari 458 7DCL750 transmission, customers would have to shell out around $22,186 whereas for Mercedes-AMG GT gearbox, the price is even cheaper and cost $14,940. We are not sure why there is so much price difference, but we can only assume that because of the limited production of Ford’s supercar.

Ford GTFord GTFord GT

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