Ford GT Third Generation has been Worthy of Long Wait

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Ford GT, the third generation model was shown first before two years. But finally, the very first reviews of this super car got unveiled. There are few clips below. Well, it is by the courtesy of Autocar, Auto Express, Carfection and Drive Tribe. It shows the new halo Ford’s supercar on two tracks. One is on twisted mountain roads while the other is on a racing track. You need to see all of them. Since, you will understand one thing. That is, this American supercar has been worthy of longer wait. 

Ford GT has got many verdicts. However, there is one common thing among all the reviews. This supercar Ford GT is first a race car. It is after that, a car of road. Well, there is an interesting fact about its driving dynamics. It features the same driving dynamics of another race car. And this race car is the LeMans-winning GT GTE. However, all these things are not at all surprising. It highlights the resolute efforts of Ford. This is the effort to offer the best ever race car. Moreover, it will provide the race car feel to 1,000 lucky owners. They will all own this new GT.

Ford GT features exclusive specs. The car packs a twin-turbocharged 3.5liter V6 EcoBoost engine. However, it delivers 647 hp and torque of 550 lb-ft. Now, this is sufficient to run maximum as much as possible. It can cover up to 60 mph within 2.8 seconds. However, the highest speed of the car is 216 mph.

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