Ford GT supercar recalled over hydraulic fuel leak

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Ford GT

Ford Motor Company is issuing recalling hand-built 2017-2017 GT supercars. It is reported that around 194 units have been affected and it is because of hydraulic fuel leak. Fluid form the Ford GT could leak from valves under the rear wing block. If fluid gets leaked into exhaust, it could cause fire. Ford is aware of one such incident occurred in Germany and no one was reportedly injured. Affected Ford GT models were built between 20th December 2016 and 31st July 2018. Recalled cars will get software update.

Dealers will bring the supercar and perform software update. With this update to fully integrated vehicle controller that will eliminate the possibility of excess pressure in valve block assembly. Vehicle which are without a hydraulic check valve and filter will be fitted with hardware. If needed, hydraulic pump O-rings will be fitted and all repairs will be completed free of cost. At this point of time, Ford has not announced owner notification schedule, but they will announce it soon. Ford GT is currently is built in Canada’s Multimatic plant in Ontario. Currently, they build one car in a day.

Ford GT is an expensive and limited production vehicle. Starting price of this supercar is $400,000 and 250 units are produced each and all of them are handmade. Interested buyers need to submit application to Ford. Ford GT is praised for marvellous engineering and performance. It is powered using 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 engine that offers a whopping 647hp and has the top speed of 216mph. Ford is planning to reopen order for 2020 GTs.

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