Ford GT production has been extended for another two years

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Ford GT

Here’s good news for people who had received rejected application for the new GT model. The company now intends to build Ford GT for another two years. The plan will eventually double the GT’s production. Thus, it means we can now see twice as many of Ford GTs on the streets. The clients on Fords’ wait list can now purchase the Ford GT model during its 3rd year of production. The company will again start accepting applications in early 2018. The year 2018 shall mark the final year of Ford GT’s production.

Ford GTFord GT

Ford plans to keep the new GT model exclusive by manufacturing just 25 of them annually. The lucky buyers get the carbon fiber Ford GT with a mid mounted biturbo V6 unit. The engine shall ensure an output of over 600 hp. It will include a 7 speed dual clutch gearbox as well. However, the actual output has not been announced officially. Ford has received 6,506 totally completed applications for the FT model. The company has selected 500 applicants for the first two years of production.

Ford GTFord GTFord GTFord GT

However, the price of Ford GT has not been publicly stated by the company. But the price is reportedly more than $40,000. The first deliveries are slated to begin before this year’s end. The GT model will be continuing its successful career on track during the production. The company will be racing the GT for 4 years in total in the FIA World Endurance Championship and WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. So, another two years added to the production cycle is definitely news worth cherishing.

Ford GTFord GTFord GTFord GT

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