Ford Focus RS500 gained refined acceleration for Mountune’s latest kit

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Ford Focus RS500

Ford Focus RS500 was the hardcore version. However, it was killed last year. But the owners of hot hatch are fortunate. Since, the class leader is getting performance upgrades. Hence, the aftermarket industry is full-packed. Moreover, the class leader even got its latest addition. Mountune, one of the most respected tuners just has released the latest kit for Ford Focus RS500. Ford Focus RS500 Ford Focus RS500

This new package of Ford Focus RS500 includes exclusive features. It incorporates the high-performance alloy intercooler and a turbo re-circulation upgraded valve. Moreover, the kit even includes an upgraded ECU along with a high-flow pipe. However, this pipe is rendered to boost the power to 400 hp and torque of 413 lb-ft at crank.Ford Focus RS500 Ford Focus RS500

Ford Focus RS500 had a refined acceleration for the power gain. However, the improved acceleration will be both down the quarter mile and off the line. The power gain even increased the top speed of the car. Ford Focus RS500 now has top speed of 165 mph. However, nothing is revealed about the specific performance gains. But the car is assured to cover 0-62 mph within 4 seconds.Ford Focus RS500 Ford Focus RS500

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