Ford EV moved to Mexico to make space for autonomous vehicles in US

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The current US administration might not to hear this news, but Ford is moving the production electric crossover with 300 miles range to Mexico. This step was taken to make space for their autonomous vehicles in Michigan plant. The company will be building battery powered electric crossover in 2020 but in Cuautitlan instead of Michigan. This news was obtained Automotive news through internal memo. There are many automakers who are betting high on self-driving and electrified vehicles for future mobility. Ford is one of them as it attempts to balance out the competition.

Ford had earlier announced that battery electric crossover would be built at Flat Rock along with autonomous vehicle which will be come in 2021. This was part of their $700 million expansion plan that will roughly create around 700 jobs. Ford is betting high on autonomous vehicle as it disclosed that it will add another $200 million into this project that will create 150 jobs more. The autonomous vehicle the company is planning to build will be commercial grade hybrid but with a new nameplate.

Unfortunately, the company is also on the losing end of the perception battle against its local rival General Motors. Many experts believed that it is lagging behind in the development of autonomous vehicle as it will launch it by 2019, 2 years ahead of Ford. If they concentrate more on autonomous vehicle at Flat Rock, it will help them built low cost long range electric crossover. The time would be determining if it is the right step.

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