Flying cars are coming to us in year 2020 as Uber teams up with NASA

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The concept of on demand aviation may sound alien to some, but it is soon going to become a reality. We can confirm it as Uber has teamed up with NASA and finalized the deal. Uber will be commencing its testing by the year 2020. The trail runs of the flying cars will be held in selected places such as Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Dubai. All these details were disclosed at Web Summit tech conference which was held in Lisbon.

Uber NASA flying carsUber NASA flying cars

The engineers behind this project will try to figure out how to take-off the vehicle and land it vertically. Operational safety along with flying the vehicle at low altitude is also taken into consideration. If one looks at it technically, it is more of a plane than a flying car. Uber chief product officer, Jeff Holden said during the event that UberAir will be performing more flights on a regular basis than it has never attempted before. He added that Uber’s software engineering skills along with NASA’s airspace experience will make the process faster.

Uber NASA flying carsUber NASA flying cars

Uber have already made contact with the authorities in Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai to test its flying cars. Now it has come to our attention that the company is planning to trail runs in Los Angeles. It is aimed to service the fans that would be arriving for 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. With respect to pricing of the trip with flying cars, the company claims that it would be same as UberX. Nonetheless, flying cars will surely shorten the travelling tome by a considerable margin.

Uber NASA flying carsUber NASA flying cars

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