Fisker Electric SUV first teaser revealed, promises to deliver 300 miles of range

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Fisker Electric SUV teaser

America based electric vehicle automaker Fisker Inc. have unveiled first teaser of their new electric SUV. Fisker Electric SUV set to be priced under $40,000 and promises to have driving range of around 300 miles. This SUV is second model announced by Fisker Inc. and will be launched in the market by second half of 2021. Hence, it could become first car to be offered by the company because they have already announced the delay of EMotion electric luxury sedan. It was originally planned for late 2019, but the date has been pushed back.

Fisker said that EMotion electric luxury sedan will be launched after electric SUV. The reason they gave is that solid-state battery pack technology which would used on sedan is not ready for market release. The name of the new electric SUV is unknown at this time, but few details emerged about it. Fisker Electric SUV would pack 80kWh battery pack and 300 miles of driving range. Both these features are available in base model. If Fisker manages to keep this promise, they would easily triumph Tesla Model Y. Model Y has cheapest version is “Standard Range” and is expected to deliver around 220 to 230 miles.

Additionally, Fisker Electric SUV will offer all-wheel drive as standard supported by the two electric motors (mounted on each axle). There would some kind of removable roof system and the system would be operated by the push of a button. Company stated that “an extended open-air atmosphere will be made possible without compromising the rugged and safe structural integrity of an SUV”. Fisker Electric SUV would be made in America, but Henrik Fisker said that they are looking at multiple sites.

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