First video capturing McLaren Speedtail moving

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Last week, McLaren revealed the highly anticipated Speedtail. McLaren’s new Hyper-GT is quick and stunning hypercar. Nonetheless, till now, we have seen only images of this Hyper-GT and hadn’t had the opportunity to see it moving. We bring a short video which shows it moving outside the building. We have to wait for few months to see its full potential as claimed by McLaren (which is the top speed of 250mph). The short clip was released a dealer based in Newport Beach which showed McLaren Speedtail leaving factory in Woking. It was driven by Senior Designer of the McLaren Alex Alexiev.

McLaren SpeedtailMcLaren Speedtail

For those who are not familiar with McLaren Speedtail, it is the latest model in the McLaren Ultimate Series. It follows the likes of McLaren Senna, hybrid P1 and McLaren F1. It encompasses F1’s center driving position with three-seat cabin. It is designed in streamlined shape which ended up being controversial than any other models made by the British based luxury automaker. It is dubbed as fastest and most powerful car from McLaren till date. Technical details remain a mystery, but McLaren confirmed that it will use hybrid powertrain. However, it can accelerate from 0-186mph in 12.8 seconds. Thus, it will be faster than Bugatti Chiron by 0.3 seconds.

McLaren SpeedtailMcLaren Speedtail

Combined output of the McLaren Speedtail is said to be 1,036hp with a top speed of 250mph. Carbon fiber is used heavily and even on body panels. The audio from the video reiterates that engine produced low rumble. This will be closet we could come across the Hyper-GT. McLaren will produce only 106 units of Speedtail and has the asking price of $2. 7million. All Speedtail units have already been asked for. Thus, in near future we might see it in auction being driven by on streets. Check out the video and tell us what you think about this hypercar.

McLaren SpeedtailMcLaren Speedtail

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