First of 10 Lister LFT-C unveiled, dubbed as company’s most powerful convertible

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2020 Lister LFT-C

Lister Motor Company has only open-top version of LFT-666 Coupe and it is LFT-C. Lister LFT-C at their Lancashire’s headquarters that has chassis 01 of 10. It is a heavily tuned version of Jaguar F-Type R and is priced from £139,000 in Britain with several optional extras and a 7-year warranty. Just like the LFT-666, Lister LFT-C also features same suspension, brakes, exhaust and wheels along with carbon fiber body panels. Nonetheless, it gains new front bumper with splitter, grille, rear diffuser, lip spoiler and wider wheel arches. Exterior upgrades have been designed to ensure that Lister LFT-C reaches top speed in excess of 205 mph.

2020 Lister LFT-C2020 Lister LFT-C2020 Lister LFT-C

Power in the Lister LFT-C is derived from Jaguar’s 5.0-liter supercharged V8 unit which has tuned to offer output in region of 666 horsepower. Lister LFT-C takes just over 3.0 seconds to hit 0-62 mph. Lister Motor Company claims that it is their most powerful convertible model till date. Company’s CEO Lawrence Whittaker stated that noise of the 666hp tuned V8 is incredible with roof down and also adds aggressive styling aesthetics. He further stated that launching a new is a special moment for him but LFT-C books its place in Lister history book as fastest open-top made by the company, overtaking the mighty Le Mans. Lawrence Whittaker dubbed the model as a very special and very exclusive car.

2020 Lister LFT-C2020 Lister LFT-C2020 Lister LFT-C

Modern interior can be found inside the Lister LFT-C and comes with few upgrades. This showcased example was based on owner’s specification and features hand-stitched Nappa leather that covers pretty much every element, including the dashboard and roof lining. Lister is taking orders for LFT-C, but buyers should expect to arrive at their garage by sometime next year. Since, entire allocation has already been sold out.

2020 Lister LFT-C2020 Lister LFT-C2020 Lister LFT-C

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