First Bugatti Chiron Sport arrives with royal shade of blue

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It has been 11 months since we got to see Bugatti Chiron Sport for the first time at Geneva Motor Show. Now, the very first Chiron Sport has been delivered to the customer. The discussed Bugatti Chiron Sport was purchased by Abdulla Bin Fahad from Qatar. This version has mind-blowing spec unlike other Chirons or for Veyrons. One of the standout features of Bugatti Chiron Sport is the exterior which comes with royal shade of blue. Judging by the first look, it looks impressive and the rear features gloss carbon fiber finish whcih offers a nice contrast.

Bugatti Chiron SportBugatti Chiron Sport

To ensure that rear and front halves complements each other, there is bit of blue accents along the rear. The same methodology can be found in the engine bay, rear diffuser, and even the ‘EB’ badge. Blue scheme and carbon fiber finish aren’t the only aspect for the exterior. The cabin of Bugatti Chiron Sport consists of striking blue leather. There are also several black leather parts along with carbon fiber accents. This may seem quite over the top for few, but it is subjected to personal opinion.

Bugatti Chiron SportBugatti Chiron Sport

When Bugatti Chiron Sport is compared with stock Chiron, it is 18kg lighter. It is because of the heavy usage of carbon fiber components and lightweight wheels. Additionally, changes have been made to steering and suspension. New Dynamic Torque Vectoring system is incorporated into the rear-axle differential that improves handling of this hypercar. We have attached images of the Bugatti Chiron Sport for your viewing pleasure.

Bugatti Chiron SportBugatti Chiron Sport

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