Fiat Fastback concept makes an impressive debut in Brazil

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Fiat Fastback concept

After a long time, Fiat has given us some new and unique design concept. Fiat Fastback concept was showcased at São Paulo Motor Show in Brazil. It also marks their intention to take on the likes of Nissan Kicks and others. According to the press release, it represents evolution of the brand. It gives us a preview of upcoming trend and indication where Fiat is heading. Fastback concept was designed at Fiat Design Center Latam in Brazil. If Fiat is to be believed, this design study will influence future production models and that includes segment of utility vehicles.

Fiat Fastback conceptFiat Fastback concept

Turin based Brazilian subsidiary claims that Fiat Fastback concept has an Italian soul and features bold lines that express elegance and sportiness. The design of this coupe crossover is based on new four principles of Fiat Design in Latin America which are human, bold, contemporary and flexible, and seamless. Interestingly, Fiat Fastback concept has been described as hybrid between coupe, SUV and sedan. Another interesting aspect noticeable from the concept is that it is inspired from Toro pickup. It is evident from the shape of the grille and headlights. Other aspects are quite different from the Toro.

Fiat Fastback conceptFiat Fastback concept

Fiat Fastback concept features sloping roofline with raised rear end and inclined rear screen. It looks more muscular and which is characteristic of many SUV-Coupe. Like many other concept cars, Fiat Fastback concept comes with door handles, and side mirror give way to video cameras. Cabin features futuristic dashboard and comprises of three transparent digital screens. One of them is for driver information, the second one is for infotainment system and last one is for climate controls. Additional eye-catching features are flattened steering wheel and concept seats. A production model based on this concept will be launched by 2020 that will have Toro underpinnings.

Fiat Fastback conceptFiat Fastback concept

Source: Motorionline

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