Fiat Argo will Roll out in Brazil as Different Approach

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Fiat Argo will roll out soon. Well, the company has its head quarters in Europe and America. Hence, it will not be easy to forget one fact. The fact is Fiat Chrysler Automobiles challenge others in market. And it is evident all around the world. One might consider an example of South America. The brand is now launching its all new model there. Well, Fiat Argo should not be confused with Toyota Aygo. However, the car takes a distinctive approach decidedly. The approach is completely different from Fiat 500.

Fiat Argo

However, the approach is closer to the line of Tipo. It is the new launched hatchback of Fiat. The company produces it in Turkey. However, there is yet no sufficient information about Fiat Argo. The company has not unveiled much detailing. It has only revealed a manufacturing video and two images. And there is nothing much that we can extract from it. However, Motor1 came up with some news about the car. The car will replace the Palio and Punto in the market of Brazil. 

Fiat Argo will come with number of engine choices. It will range from 1.0 to 1.8liters. Moreover, it will feature automatic and manual transmissions. Well, the car will even run either on ethanol or gasoline. Fiat holds a big history in Brazil. It manufactures and renders exclusive models there. However, one won’t find these models outside Latin America. These models are like Grand Siena sedan, Toro pickup and Mobi hatchback. 

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